UC Berkeley has over 100 faculty with active research programs in nanoscale science and engineering who are affiliated with the Berkeley Nanosciences and Nanoengineering Institute.

The BNNI is governed by an Executive Committee with faculty representatives from physics, chemistry, and engineering.

The staff of the BNNI help administer centers such as the Center of Integrated Nanomechancial Systems, support educational programs such as the Graduate Group in Nanoscale Science and Engineering, and work with faculty interested in developing new proposals for research, education, and shared infrastructure.

Students from business, science, engineering and law have formed the Berkeley Nanotechnology Club. The Berkeley Nanotechnology Club fosters and promotes information exchange and entrepreneurship opportunities for Berkeley students and alumni in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Nano Institute and the Nano Graduate Group

The BNNI is the umbrella charged with expanding and coordinating UC Berkeley's research in nanoscale science and engineering. The NSE Graduate Group administers educational programs such as the Designated Emphasis.