Best Student Posters will be selected among students presenting posters in Beijing.  The submission and selection rules are outlined below.  Students are encouraged to submit posters. 

1.      Awards

         First place: $600, certificates for each co-author

         Second place: $400, certificates for each co-author

         Third place: $200, certificates for each co-author

         The cash award is meant to be shared among all co-authors of the posters except the professors. 

         Awardees will be announced on 8/5 morning and presentation will be made at the Banquet on 8/5. 

2.      Abstract

         Authors need to follow the format in the template (attached in Abstract and Biography Submission).

         Submission deadline: 5pm (Pacific Time), 6/1/07. 

3.    Poster Presentation

         All posters will be presented by students and post-docs.

         Poster should follow the format in the template (will be posted on line).

         Each poster will be allocated a 3-minute slot for oral introduction

         Poster viewing times are either in Session 1 (7/30) or 2 (8/1).  The co-authors should take turns to host their poster.

4.      Selection Process

         Posters will be judged based on research quality and poster presentation.

         A 5-member external panel will be invited to evaluate the posters.

         Score will be collected before 8/4, and decision announced after the morning coffee break on 8/5.